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Write in Notion — Design in Webflow
Introducing SyncFlow — Notion-Webflow Sync: The ultimate tool for syncing and enhancing your Notion and Webflow experience. It allows you to easily and automatically sync data from Notion to Webflow.
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Connect Notion Fields with Webflow Fields

3 Simple Steps



Connect your Webflow and Notion accounts to the plugin.

Map Fields

Map fields from a Webflow CMS Collection with a Notion Database.


Setup auto-sync or manually sync your Webflow collection to match a Notion database.
Demo Posts
Click on the Webflow posts below to view the auto-generated pages that were automatically imported from Notion.
View Notion database


Enable auto-sync so that whenever a Notion page is created or modified, it automatically gets sent and synced to the Webflow collection.

Versatile Field Types

Supports a wide array of field types including text, images, checkboxes, dates, URLs, and more, ensuring versatility in content management.

Fully Customizable

Notion elements can be imported with inline styling or using classes. The later gives you full control over how the content is displayed.

Page Linking

Links between Notion pages are automatically converted into links between the Webflow posts.


Automatically updates your Webflow site whenever changes are made in Notion, ensuring real-time content synchronization.

Code Highlighting

Enhances readability of technical content by formatting and highlighting code blocks directly from Notion to Webflow.

TeX Support

Seamlessly renders complex mathematical expressions from Notion into Webflow, making it ideal for academic or technical content.
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